Ways to Cut Your Water Heating Bills

Ways to Cut Your Water Heating Bills

Pouring pennies down the drain is just what many home dwellers do on a daily basis. Dependable Plumbing Inc. has many great ideas that will help keep those pennies in pocket instead of flushed away.
One money saving idea is to shower instead of taking that long, hot, relaxing bath. Showers use quite a bit less hot water than baths do, and besides, washing the dirt off instead of soaking in a tub of it is just healthier.

An easy way to stop money from dripping down the drain is by installing a low-flow aerator on faucet sinks. Replacing the shower head with a flow restrictor head will also save money and installing them is as simple as screwing one off and screwing the other one on.

Blankets are not just used to warm a body during the winter but the water heater would like to snuggle up with one as well. In fact the water heater would like to snuggle with a warm blanket year round as an insulating blanket helps to hold the heat in. Holding the heat in will require the water heater to work less to keep the temperature of the water to the right temperature.

Speaking of temperature try turning down the temperature on the hot water heater to about 120 degrees as this will save money, and besides no one needs to actually scald the dirt off. Of course one great money saving tip is to always use the cold water when one can.

Dependable Plumbing Inc suggests that home owners should try to drain the water out of the water heater once a year. After draining the water turn on the incoming water and then turn it off. Repeat that process for about twenty seconds. This will help to get the nasties that build up from the water out of the water heater and help to keep it running more efficiently.

Speaking about nasty how about cleaning out the drain on the dishwasher once in a while, at least weekly if not daily. Food that was once on the dirty dishes will reside on the drain in the dishwasher and if that becomes plugged up it could become a water disaster. Not only is it unhealthy to have floaties in the dishwasher but it keeps the machine from running efficiently and this can end up costing more money.

To save even more money while using the dishwasher try to wash only full loads of dishes, and this also goes for only washing full loads dirty clothes in the washing machine as well. Full loads require less hot water, which in turn means that it takes less money to clean a bigger amount.