Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

pool mainIf you are new to the world of pool ownership, than you may be feeling a little overwhelmed; however, you can actually relax a little. With just a little pool knowledge basics and regular care, the maintenance of your pool can actually be extremely simple and can be done with just a few minutes of care each week.

There are only a few basic things that you need to keep in mind and check weekly in order to make sure that your pool is maintained at its optimum level. The first of these is to check the chemistry of your pool on a weekly basis. You can get chemical testing kits from your local pool supply store or sometimes even your local market store. Normally you just take a water sample from your pool and dip a testing strip into it. It depends on what the results on and what kind of pool you have exactly what you will need to do in order to make sure your water is balanced at the level that it should be. If you have any questions on how much chemical you should add to your pool, do not hesitate to call a pool expert and ask for advice over the phone.

A second thing to consider is your pool skimmers. First, make sure that your water level is correct. If the pool water is too high, then the debris that you need filtered out of your pool will never float in. If the water is to low, then your skimmer will actually just be sucking air which can actually result in your pool filter burning its motor up. Make sure that the level of water is falling around midways up the skimmer, so that debris can float in. Secondly, make sure that you check your skimmer baskets at least once a week and clean them out. Keep in mind this is where you will find hair, dirt, debris, and other items that have been skimmed out before the water enters into the pool filter.

The last major thing when it comes to pool maintenance in Orlando is actually something that you only have to do every few months, but by doing so you will keep your pool healthy and clean throughout the pool season and that is to check your pools filters. To do this you of course have to access the filter system. It doesn’t matter if it is a sand filter or cartridge filter, you will still be assessing how dirty it is. If it is dirty, then make sure that you change the sand or filter so that the filter system can keep doing its job.

Take the time to check these key parts of pool maintenance and you are sure to enjoy your pool for years to come, without ever really worrying about if it is ready to swim in or not.