Miami Landscape Design Ideas From Experts

Miami Landscape Design Ideas From Experts

landscapeMiami Area Landscape Design Ideas

Property owners in the Miami area should realize they have many different types of landscaping options. There are a variety of tropical and other plant types available. A variety of colorful foliage can be easily maintained. A Miami landscape design will provide plants and more to accommodate any landscaping needs.

Groundcover Plants
A property owner may have large portions of their property where grass may not be a good idea. Groundcover plants will be able to provide a lawn that requires low or no maintenance. It could be a place that does not get good sunlight. The property owner might want to complement their lawn with the various colors provided by flowers or leaves.

Accent Plants
When a property owner is planning their landscaping, a wide variety of accent plants do well in the Miami area. There are different types of greenery that can be used to create a foundation for beautiful accent plants. Caladium, Coleus and more can be planted in specific areas to create a world of color than can last for months.

Palm Trees
A property owner in Miami should consider having palm trees as part of their landscaping. The climate in Miami creates a perfect environment for the many species of palm trees. They look good and can last for several years with almost no care. Some local Miami nurseries have even developed palm trees that can withstand an occasional cold spell without being affected.

Many homes and properties are greatly enhanced with the use of hedges. They can provide protection around the edges of property. In some cases, they have been grown large enough to provide privacy from annoying neighbors. They can also be used in conjunction with other colorful plants to create an impressive landscape.

Outdoor Living Space Design
When a property owner is designing outdoor living space, they need to consider the landscaping. Some owners should consider high hedges around their pool area for privacy while swimming. With the wide variety of plants in the Miami area, it is possible to design a specific color scheme for landscaping. This can be made to complement the structure around a property.

Mediterranean Theme
Some property owners like a this type of landscaping design. It includes the use of topaiaries, hedges that have been sculpted and could include fountains. The plants used will last for several months up to a year.

Edible Theme
There are a wide variety of attractive edible plants that thrive in the Miami area. Some property owners enjoy the ability to landscape with edible plants. It involves the use of permaculture as well as companion planting and more.

Hummingbird Theme
Many people enjoy creating an outside environment that attracts hummingbirds. Being able to sit on a lawn, and watch these amazing creatures at work, can be very satisfying. There are plants that can be used for landscaping and provide a variety of sustenance for the hummingbirds.