How to Upgrade Your Old Deck

How to Upgrade Your Old Deck

deckoutdoorAn outdoor deck is a welcome way to enjoy nature, spend quiet time, or entertain guests. However, if your deck has seen better days or needs a little updating, there are several options available. The most important objective is to keep with the balance and style of your house so that this extension flows evenly. Here are a few suggestions as to how an old deck can become a stylish addition.

Maintenance-Free Materials

The days of scrubbing and refinishing wood on an exterior deck are over. Products, such as composite and vinyl are the new way to keep the beauty of a finish with simple hosing. This type of professional deck replacement can cost a little more in the beginning, but the benefits and longevity are worth it. If you feel that there is nothing better than the look and feel of real wood, a pressure-treated wood deck is a good option. Pre-treated and pre-stained by a deck specialist, can not only enhance the beauty of real wood, but protect it from disease and the elements.

Award Winning Designs

Landscaping has no boundaries with straight lines and neither should a deck. By following the curves of a yard, a deck can become a part of the outdoor scene. A professional deck replacement designer can picture a deck that provides a grand view from the house, or from anywhere in the surrounding yard. For example, take a standard rectangular deck and jut a corner off to a deep end of the yard, forming a hexagon. Not only will the depth of the extra deck give you more room, but the shape of the yard will blend into the structure. By using proportion, a unique design, such as this, can add prominence and aesthetic appeal.

Hardscapes that Electrify Decks

Keeping an updated deck with an original shape, but updating with new materials, can also become stunning by adding hardscapes around the exterior. Brick, stone, or concrete, curved in a soft manner, can help soften the hard lines of a wooden deck. Meet with a walkway of complimentary materials, and your deck takes on an inviting look.

It can be difficult to envision a plan that will bring out the best in a deck. Taking into consideration the entire property, the style of your home, and the balance required, takes the experience of a professional deck builder. Visit sites online that offer unique layouts, then contact a company that can offer suggestions for your particular area. With the new products available, creative designs that are emerging, and professional installation, your deck will be the centerpiece of the season.