Different Types of Mattresses

Different Types of Mattresses

The type of mattress that you choose is extremely beneficial to both you and your health. Consider this statistic for a second; most people spend about one third of their lives in bed. Did you know that? So when you go shopping at a retailer for a bed or mattress, you have to pick your selection wisely. Any bed mattress retailer will tell you there are pros and cons to each selection. So the choices is really up to you.

Below are some different types to pick from. If you would like to know more, speak to bed mattress retailer nearest to you.

1)The Innerspring Mattress. This is the most popular of all, and has been around for many decades. With the innerspring mattress, there are so many styles and options available. But don’t just go with this model because it’s the popular one. Studies show that only three out of five people are truly happy with this mattress. It’s a good mattress, it just might not be for everyone.

2)The memory foam mattress. This is also one of the better models out there. Studies how that four our of five people prefer their memory foam, when compared to others brands that are out there. If you are looking for a better comparison, let’s compare them to the first one. Compared to the innerspring model, they are more durable and provide better support for your back, They are ideal for couples, especially when it comes to the motion levels. The motion is less with the foam mattress, then it is with the innerspring.

If you can get passed the odor, you will be fine. It does transmit a nasty odor, especially when it’s brand new. But once you get passed that, you will be fine. But again, this is up to the individual person who is buying it.

3) Latex foam mattresses. These are constructed with a natural rubber. They have more of a bounce and spring to them, compared to the memory foam. This mattress doesn’t retain much body heat. This is good for those who get hot in the summer. It’s more durable and is resistant to dust mites and other dirt. It’s very eco-friendly and it’s biodegradable. The latex is made from a renewable resources, this alone makes it one of the more popular ones.

The only downside is that it’s not good for those with latex allergies. It also may not be good for those that are trying to shop on a budget. Some of the cheaper models run about $500. For the most part, expect to pay a few thousand. They also do better on a slatted base board, not a box spring.